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Triple Ring High Power Wok Burner

The triple ring high power wok burner, makes an excellent feature for wide variety of cooking, and with a performance fit for Indian style of cooking. With the even distribution of flames across the three rings makes it a perfect ROTI burner for your soft phulkas.

Enhanced Safety

This Gas Hob comes with an in-built safety feature called the FFSD or 'Flame Failure Safety Device'. When the flame goes off accidently, the FFSD automatically cuts off the gas supply to the burners thus preventing any instance of gas leakage.

High-End Cast Iron Pan Support

Provides optimal stability for various shapes & sizes of pans/woks.

Soft To Touch Metallic Knob

Premium metallic knobs for stainless steel hobs, can be rotated seamlessly up to 230 degrees to give you the precision in flame control for perfect cooking!

Auto Ignition

This hob features automatic ignition through one-touch control, saving gas consumption & keeping users away from danger. Electronic ignition is achieved via the control dials - simply push and turn!

Technical Information Dimensions (in mm)
Article no.: 538.06.007 Product Dimension - 780*450*120
2 Supernova Triple Flame Burner (5kW) Built in Dimension – 685*405*100
1 Supernova Dual Flame Burner (1.75kw) Bottom Panel Depth – 59mm